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The Flux Capacitor is a community venue in Colorado Springs. They Host 20 to 25 shows a month, a few of which I design fliers for (you can find those designs on my portfolio page). They take request $5 to $10 at the door for every show, but there are no ticket sales, and no required costs. Click their logo to check out any upcoming shows.

LocalFM is an online radio sationtion that plays music by musicians from Southern Colorado (Boulder, CO to the New Mexico Border). The sation was started by Bryan Elyo in 2012, and was handed over to The RedHeaded Zombie Show in 2014. I've done design work with many of the hosts radio shows, as well as events, general information.

Now under an indefinate hiatus, The RedHeaded Zombie Show started in late 2010. C.J. Hackett, and his band A Bad Night for a Hero, started booking themselves montly shows at The Coffee Echange in Colordo Springs. Over the span of 5 years, the show tranformed into a multi-venue concept hosting local musicians and artists.

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