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Shout! Graphics was founded by Austin Lovelace after the indefinite hiatus of The Redheaded Zombie Show in October 2015. While doing freelance design work in other areas, Austin Lovelace did a bulk of the design for the RHZ. After the announcement of the hiatus, Austin decided to start producing work under his own name in an attempt to maintain a connection with friends, and colleagues, in the city of Colorado Springs (mostly in the music scene). After being completely unsatisfied with anything he could come up with, Austin's girlfriend of three years, Liv Elliott (an amazing musician and artist in her own right) came up with the name "Shout Graphics"; he loved the name, added an explanation point, and created the facebook page in the same day.

Today Shout! Graphics lives and breaths in the city of Denver, Colorado. Now and in the future, Shout! intends to maintain practice, improve, and create an identity for himself in professional graphic design. Despite his deep connections with Colorado, he intends to do this with any and all clients, in any and all locations imaginable.

In the summer of 2015, Austin transferred out of Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC), and is now attending Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design (RMCAD). A good amount of his heart is still in Colorado Springs, but It's making plenty of room for Denver as he approaches a bachelors degree in Graphic Design.

While still a student, Austin prides himself on clean and professional design for anyone who needs it. While he specializes in poster design, he also has experience in book design, web design, logo design, CD design, personal/professional branding, and many other forms of graphic design.

While affiliated with the RHZ, Shout! Graphics is its own entity, and maintains itself as its own business. All work done by Austin, or under the The Redheaded Zombie Show, will maintain its ownership as work done by Shout! Graphics.

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